Montana Indian Athletic Hall of Fame

Honoring Those That Came Before Us...


Thanks to everyone for sending in nominations, we had over 35 nominations come in the last two years. What we are finding is there are so many great athletes from the old days still unrecognized! Stories and names come up every year! Send in your nomination forms with as much recognized accomplishments as you can and we will research ti, run it through the committee and verify an induction for the next ceremony.

This year's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is right around the corner December 7th at the MSUB Campus! Here is a quick intro to this year's inductees: The All-time MT State basketball leading scorer Kayla Lambert, 4-time State Cross Country Champ JR Bremner, Heavyweight Boxing Champ Joe Hipp, Cross Country and Basketball Champ Dana Goes Ahead, Griz Basketball Legend JR Camel, All-American Cross Country Champ Merlin Running Wolf, Busby Eagles 1971 Championship Basketball Team , Wolf Point's 1950 & 51 state champ point guard and bronc rider Victor Bearskin, All-around athlete and semi-pro baseball player Jim Baker, weightlifting champion Charles Farmer, Dartmouth football legend Jack Manning, Rodeo Legend Lyle Cochran, Thunderbird Basketball legend Johnny Kindness, Track phenom Veronica Peterson, legendary coach Mike Reynolds, back to back state champ Poplar point guard Kenny Smoker, basketball legend Louie Incashola, all-around athlete Archie MacDonald, and the 1988, 89, 90 State Champ Basketball Lodge Grass Indian Teams!!! Here are you 2016 Inductees!

Photos Coming Soon:

Victor Bearskin

Archie MacDonald

JR Bremner
Lyle Cochran
JR Camel
Photo Coming Soon
Louie Incashola
Jim Baker
Mike Reynolds
Merlin Running Wolf
Charlie Farmer
Dana Goes Ahead
Joe "The Boss" Hipp
John Kindness
Kayla Lambert
Jack Manning
Veronica Peterson
Kenny Smoker
1971 Busby Eagles Team
1988, 89, 90 Lodge Grass Indians State Champ Teams

Our Tribal Athletes and the histories behind their accomplishments are honestly the modern-day lore of tribal deeds, of warrior legends! The information we are gathering within the MIAHOF may someday be taught in the history books of our state, but for now it is the present-day oral interpretations of our people, a beautiful representation of a strong nation. Our youth will be able to look back and see the accomplishments of their family, relatives, and tribes!


The hall of fame is the creation of Don Wetzel, Sr. a former Cut Bank and University of Montana standout and coach. It came out of a talk he had with his father about 10 years ago concerning the need to recognize Indian athletes.
The Hall of Fame will bring the past to the present, showing the youth and the native communities that we have our own legends among us and for those that have past, we will restore their memory and accomplishments.
This has never happened for the Native Athletes of our state and with so many great athletes and teams representing Indian Country, this is definitely necessary.
The Hall will recognize college and high school athletes, coaches and teams from all sports venues that have documented accomplishments. All-State, All-American, State Championships and MVPs. Record breakers and record holders that made their community proud during their amazing championship runs.

"I started looking at the '20s and '30s and found there were all-state teams and I never knew about those players and coaches," Wetzel said. "I felt the need to bring them out and recognize them. There were some that were just legends that will pop to the front."


Ceremony will be December 7th at Petro Theater, mSUB Campus in Billings at 6:30pm!

~Don Wetzel, Sr.